Take Cavity Fright Out Of Halloween Night

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You may already be working on making a pint-sized magic wand, perfecting Frankenstein's makeup and scoping out the safest neighborhood trick-or-treating route. With all the plans to be made for Halloween, parents shouldn't forget that the scariest part of October might be the effect on teeth of all those sweets kids will consume.

Fortunately, Halloween shares October with National Orthodontic Health Month and National Dental Hygiene Month.

While there is no shortage of safety tips for children around Halloween, Pickron Orthodontic Care, with 24 locations in metro Atlanta, offers these suggestions to help parents make Halloween a little less scary from a dental hygiene perspective:

-- Give your kids a healthy supper before trick or treating so there's less room for sweets

-- Consider handing out sugar-free candy


-- Do your research - even some healthy snacks like dried fruit include acids that harm tooth enamel

-- Encourage kids to drink water throughout the day, especially after eating candy, to help rinse away sugars between brushings

-- Make sure your little goblins don't go to bed without brushing their teeth

-- Choose softer candy over hard candy which can chip teeth and has sugar that sticks to teeth

-- If your child wears braces, steer clear from caramels, licorice, toffee or other sticky, chewy candies and avoid bubble gum, which can break braces or wires

-- Allow your child to choose a few pieces then store leftover candy with "staying power" for special occasions.

"Halloween doesn't have to be fearful for parents or frightful for your child's teeth. By following guidance on dental hygiene and avoiding certain foods, you can enjoy treats and keep your kids on track toward a healthy, beautiful smile," said Dr. Robert Pickron, founder of Pickron Orthodontic Care.