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Toronto: Loblaw Store Closed For Food Safety Violations

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Toronto Public Health closed the Loblaw store at 650 Dupont Street near Christie for food safety violations.

Inspectors were called to the store after a customer complained about seeing a mouse in the store. Upon inspection, there was clear evidence of a heavy rodent infestation within the store and outside, and a lack of adequate pest control.

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Toronto Public Health posted a red Closed sign on the front of the store, and provided direction on cleanup of the building. The store will be re-inspected once the cleanup is complete, and if all violations have been corrected, the store can re-open. Loblaw staff have been working overnight to address the violations.

The risk of food borne illness from this situation is low. Undamaged pre-packaged and canned food from this store would not be a health concern. However, if packages appear damaged, or if unpackaged food looks like it has come into contact with rodents, do not consume.

Toronto Public Health recommends that the public follow standard food safety practices, and wash all fruits and vegetables before consuming. In addition, always wash your hands before and after preparing or serving food.

This Loblaw store was last inspected in September of 2008, and received a green pass notice. No food safety violations were noted at that time. The store has had an excellent record of food safety and the last 10 inspections have been in compliance.