Iowa Addresses Salmonella-Related Food Recalls

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The Iowa Department of Public Health continues collaborating with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and public health officials in many states to investigate an ongoing multistate Salmonella outbreak.

As of today, the CDC reports 474 cases associated with this outbreak; two cases in Iowa have been linked to the outbreak, but neither case had consumed implicated peanut butter products.


"At this point, very few people in Iowa have become ill with this bacteria, which may indicate that little of the contaminated foods made it to Iowa,"said IDPH Medical Director Dr. Patricia Quinlisk. "Jars of peanut butter purchased in grocery stores are fine to consume."

"If you have other peanut butter containing products, such as crackers and cookies, don't eat them. Store them out of children's reach until the investigation determines exactly which products are responsble for this outbreak. You can check the FDA website to see what products have been recalled thus far."

If you are ill, you should contact your health care provider. Most people exposed to Salmonella become ill within a few days. The basic treatment for salmonellosis is rehydration.