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Esperance Recreational Fish Safe To Eat

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The Western Australia Department of Health is confident fish caught by recreational anglers in the areas around the Esperance Port are safe to eat following test results on species caught in the region.

Environmental Health Director Jim Dodds said sixteen samples of fish were tested with results showing lead levels significantly below the national Food Standards Code.

“Sixteen samples of fish, including Herring, Wrasse, Skipjack Trevally and Blue Mackerel were tested following the Conservation Council’s sampling of kidneys from Esperance Razor Fish,” Mr Dodds said.

“Samples were taken in and around the Esperance Port area last week, in areas accessible to the general public.

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“All results indicate that lead levels are significantly below the 0.5 mg/kg stipulated in the Food Standards Code.”

Mr Dodds said the test results on recreationally caught fish in the Esperance region follow the “all-clear” the Department of Health gave last week to commercially caught fish in the region.

“These samples follow the very favourable results of commercially obtained fish sampled recently from fish processing facilities around Esperance, which were also found to be safe for consumption,” Mr Dodds said.

“The Department of Health is completely confident that consumption of fish caught by recreational anglers in the areas around the Esperance Port is safe.

“Anglers and their children hoping for a feed of locally caught fish can be assured that local fish can be enjoyed as much as fish caught from any other location in the Great Southern Region.”