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Alberta Confirms First Cases Of Listeriosis

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Alberta has confirmed two cases of Listeriosis linked to a national recall of Maple Leaf meat products. The provincial laboratory confirmed results on the deceased woman in Peace Country Health Region and an individual in Aspen Health Region.

"It is important to remember we may never know what role Listeriosis played in the death, but we must keep in mind Listeria is really only of concern to individuals who have weakened immune systems, the elderly, pregnant women and newborns. &nbspWe will very likely see more cases linked to the outbreak, given the timeframes involved for symptoms to show up and testing to occur," said Dr. Predy, Alberta's Acting Chief Medical Officer of Health.

As of August 30, Alberta has nine cases of Listeriosis reported to Health and Wellness since January 1.

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* Of these nine cases, two occurred before the defined outbreak start time of June 1 and seven cases have occurred since June 1.

* Of those seven cases, test results to determine a link to the outbreak strain have been completed for six, but results suggest that four cases are not linked to the outbreak.

* Two cases are confirmed linked to the outbreak.

* One case is awaiting final lab results.

Listeria monocytogenes is commonly found, and is not really a concern for most people. However, it can lead to serious complications in the elderly, newborns, pregnant women and those with weakened immune systems. Anyone in those groups who develops symptoms such as fever, headache and stiff neck and may have eaten any of the recalled products should contact their physician or health care provider.