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Hawaii Restaurants Warned About Poster Scam

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The Hawaii State of Hawaii Department of Health (DOH) is warning all restaurants and food establishment owners to beware of a letter alerting them of a requirement to purchase and post hand washing signs. The scam involves an official looking citation with a State of Hawaii Logo that claims that a new law was passed mandating the display of hand washing posters, and threatening fines if not in compliance.

This scam may be an attempt to gain credit card and other personal information.

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The DOH has passed no such requirement for mandatory hand wash signage, and owners or managers of food establishments should disregard the notice. Numerous posters are available free online by searching under the key word "hand wash posters". The DOH also has hand wash posters that are available for free upon request for food establishments and the public.

The Department does require that all food establishment owners and managers have their employees wash their hands frequently, especially prior to beginning work, before handling food, after using the restroom, and anytime they contaminate their hands.

Food establishments in Hawaii are required to have readily accessible sinks restricted for hand washing only, and must always have an adequate supply of soap and single use towels available for employee use.