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Healthy North Dakota Links To Fruits, Veggies

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Consumers now have access to a new video resource with information about how to choose, store and cook different fruits and vegetables, according to Deanna Askew, Healthy Weight coordinator for the North Dakota Department of Health. The Fruits & Veggies— More Matters Video Center can be accessed at fruitsandveggiesmorematters.org .

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The Video Center has a library of 275 videos, each less than two minutes long, featuring produce celebrity Michael Marks, Your Produce Man. The videos show how to check different fruits and vegetables for ripeness; describe the proper ways to store fruits and vegetables at home; demonstrate fast, healthy recipe preparation; and offer many other fun and interesting facts about fruit and vegetables.

"Fruits and vegetables are healthy food options in every season, even winter," Askew said.

"People can visit the Fruits & Veggies—More Matters Video Center to learn about produce, including tips for getting kids to eat more fruits and vegetables. In addition, the Healthy North Dakota website offers recipe ideas and serving suggestions. For example, families can find greattasting, filling winter soup recipes that make good use of canned, frozen and pantry-stored vegetables."