Menopause vs Andropause

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Most people know that women go through menopause, but did you know that some men go through a similar process? The phenomenon of andropause is much more unknown. While men experience different symptoms than women, both women and men need to adapt to many changes on different levels.

To better understand these natural phenomenons and relieve fears regarding midlife processes, CIHR experts are available to describe and explain the symptoms and consequences associated with these midlife adaptations.


Following your mother's footsteps ? Premature menopause can be linked to variants in your DNA
Dr. Karla Bretherick, CIHR-funded researcher at the University of British Columbia (Vancouver)

What if soy could save our bones from the effect of the menopause?
Dr. Philip Chilibeck, CIHR-funded researcher at the University of Saskatchewan (Saskatoon)


Estrogens can save your life! The importance of early detection of women at risk for uterine cancer
Dr. Chantal Guillemette, CIHR-funded researcher at Laval University Hospital (Quebec)

The impact of hot flashes and night sweats on your quality of life
Dr. Benicio Noronha Frey, CIHR-funded researcher at the St. Joseph's Hospital (Hamilton)

Improving continence in women: The importance of pelvic floor muscles
Dr. Melanie Morin, CIHR-funded researcher at the University of Montreal (Montreal)

The perception of pain... Do andropause and menopause change our pain tolerance?
Dr. Serge Marchand, CIHR-funded researcher at the University of Sherbrooke (Sherbrooke)

Menopausal women less protected from heart disease than men?
Dr. Edward O'Brien, CIHR-funded researcher at the University of Ottawa (Ottawa)

Breathe in... Breathe out! The influence of masculine and feminine hormones on asthma
Dr. Malcolm Sears, CIHR-funded researcher at the McMaster University (Hamilton)