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Warming Up Is A Good Idea, Even On The Beach

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Beach Exercise and Warm Up

If fun in the sun and sand includes a few games of beach volleyball, don't forget to warm up first. It could help you rally through the game with less risk of injury.

Dr. Joseph Chorley, a sports medicine expert at Baylor College of Medicine in Houston, suggests walking, swimming and stretching before you serve the first ball.

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"Specifically, stretch your shoulders, thighs and calves," Chorley said. "Those are the areas that will get the most work when you're playing volleyball in the sand."

Volleyball players are more likely to suffer shoulder injuries because of the overhead action of spiking the ball. Knee and ankle injuries tend to be less common because the sand provides a more giving surface.

To combat the heat, a proper warm-up should also include drinking at least eight ounces of water one-half hour before hitting the court. After that, Chorley recommends water breaks every 15 to 20 minutes and drinking a sports drink after an hour of play.