Alcohol, Drug Addiction Recovery Is Possible

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State health officials are encouraging citizens to get the treatment they need for alcohol and other drug use. With treatment, people can make a full recovery.

"In Wisconsin, 457,000 adolescents and adults are in need of treatment for a substance use disorder," said Department of Health Services Secretary Karen Timberlake. "We need to keep working to reduce the stigma and discrimination associated with addiction so that people get the treatment they need."


The National Alcohol and Drug Addiction Recovery Month efforts aim at raising awareness about the benefits of alcohol and drug use disorder treatment, praise the contributions of treatment providers and promote the message that recovery from alcohol and drug use disorders in all its forms is possible.

According to the U.S. Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA), more than 21 million Americans suffer from addiction or dependence on alcohol and drugs and have yet to experience recovery. A Harvard School of Public Health/Robert Wood Johnson Foundation Report found that almost two-thirds of Americans have friends or family members who have struggled with addiction.

In Wisconsin, there is a higher prevalence of alcohol use and binge drinking in adults, especially young adults, compared to the country as a whole. Underage drinking and underage binge drinking also occur at higher rates in Wisconsin, as does drinking among women of childbearing age.

"We need to continue to educate our communities about substance use disorders, the effectiveness of treatment, and the realistic possibility of recovery," said Secretary Timberlake. "Individualized treatment helps people get on the road to recovery - and recovery from addiction is possible."



It appears that our beautiful society is destroying not only our planet, but our health !!! I really admire you folks in these treatment center's, as I'm sure it's a difficult job !! However, as a recovering alcoholic now 17 mos 13 days, if I'd been told prior, about the destructive ability all Alcohol contains, to destroy ones health, heck, I'd have quit long ago ! When someone is well educated & working in the profession of chosing, making excellent money, never drunk or disorderly, but drinking regularly with friends, family, work mates & neighbours, then without any warning at all, they're hit severely, basically destroying their life as they know it. Well, that can really turn you off liquor big time !!!! And that's basicaly what happened to myself & my beautiful late husband !!! I now have a deep bitter resenting hatred of all liquor !! Many of us are trying still, to somehow convince our Government to legislate mandatory health warning labels on all containers, similar to whats been done with Cigarette's. IF that happens, it will help not solve, but help the problem. In the meantime, our youth must be warned of the possible harms awaiting them with alcohol.