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Use Yoga To Improve Classroom Test Scores

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Use Yoga To Improve Classroom Test Scores

A newly published book, Yoga in the Classroom (ISBN: 978-0-9817955-0-8), authored by Gail Bentley Walsh, CEO of Yoga Mountain, Inc. is a step-by-step manual for school teachers, K-12.

Yoga practice helps to improve mental and physical well-being on many levels. This new book, Yoga in the Classroom, is designed to help students focus, relax and prepare for exams. Yoga creates a calm environment for learning and is a natural step in working to improve test scores.

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Yoga in the Classroom provides teachers with the necessary tools to explore the benefits of yoga with their students. It does not matter whether the teacher has studied yoga or not; the book is written to encourage exploration in the classroom.

A core part of the manual consists of 30 everyday lessons. They are designed to be easily incorporated into practical learning environments. Exercises may be done beside the desk or seated around a table. Each lesson comes with a description, fun illustration, interesting anecdote, breath and meditation direction, and information about anatomy and physiology.

A section of the book is also devoted to students with physical and mental challenges.

"Yoga is an ancient practice, and we are all beginners at heart," Walsh says. "Yoga is one of those things in life that is a never-ending study. No one ever graduates, but everyone benefits."



Thanks for the valuable information about yoga. Yes, it helps to relax, and educate our students :) Warmly, Chaker