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Electronic Cigarettes Containing Nicotine Governed

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The Hong Kong Department of Health (DH) called on smokers not to use electronic cigarettes as the safety, efficacy and quality of this kind of product have to be established.

A DH spokesman said initial laboratory analysis on a sample of electronic cigarettes revealed that it contained nicotine.

The spokesman stressed that under the Pharmacy and Poisons Ordinance, electronic cigarettes containing nicotine and marketed as tobacco cessation products were classified as pharmaceutical product requiring registration in Hong Kong.

He said that investigations by DH had indicated that several brands of electronic cigarettes were found on sale on internet and in individual local shops.

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DH raided a shop in Sham Shui Po earlier today, resulting in the seizure of nine types of electronic cigarettes. DH’s investigations are in progress.

DH has also instructed the parties concerned to remove electronic cigarettes advertisements and promotional materials from their websites.

The spokesman said possession or sale of unregistered pharmaceutical product, and possession of Part I poisons without authority were both liable on conviction to a $100 000 fine and two years’ imprisonment.

He urged members of the public who have been using electronic cigarette to stop using it immediately.

They should destroy and dispose of the products or submit them to the DH’s Pharmaceutical Service at 3/F, Public Health Laboratory Centre, 382 Nam Cheong Street, Kowloon during office hours.

Smokers who want to quit smoking should seek advice from medical professionals. Information on smoking cessation can be obtained at the Tobacco Control Office website.



WOW - it didn't take long for the global anti-smoking network to come out in full force against Electronic Cigarettes once the products suddenly became very very popular, and began to seriously threaten to end the BILLIONS of $ they all rake in from their anti-smoking junk science propaganda. SCUMBAGS !
So, they'll keep cigarettes readily available, which have over 4000 chemicals and cancer-causing carcinogens in them, on the market, but outlaw electronic cigarettes that contain nothing more than water, nicotine, propylene glycol (a safe food additive found in everything from ice cream to food coloring), and flavoring? what a ridiculous notion.
Well after all the benefits we have all enjoyed its time to go back to hacking, coughing and killing ourselves with the analogs.
These are not a cessation device. These are a safer way to smoke without all the 4,000+ toxins. The only reason all this stink is going on about e-cigs is because the governments want to get there cut on this product that will put poison peddling tobacco companies out of business. If a nicotine device that lowers its content can be considered a cessation product then they better start calling any light, ultra light, medium cigarettes cessation devices because they lower the nicotine to try and help people quit! E-cigs are awesome and I feel so much better now. I have smoked poison tobacco for 30 years and I will never go back. The E-CIG is a life saver and the straw that broke the tobacco companies back. And the governments just can not have that happen!