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Utah Schools Fight Big Tobacco, Win Cash

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The Utah Department of Health's (UDOH) The TRUTH campaign is honoring three student groups from across the state for their winning entries in the Real Noise competition. Real Noise is an annual contest that invites junior, middle and high school students and their friends to create and conduct an anti-tobacco activity in their communities.

Fast Forward Charter High School in Logan earned first place in the competition. The winning entry consisted of 15 television ads that were written and produced by students. The ads will air on local television in Cache Valley.

"All 14 groups that entered Real Noise went to great effort and created impressive antitobacco activities that touched thousands of other young people," says David Neville, marketing coordinator for The TRUTH. "We were especially pleased that we received participation from thousands of youth all across the state, from Logan to Fillmore." Runners-up

• Pacific Island Youth Against Tobacco, Kearns – held a Youth Health Summit at Kearns High School.

• Eisenhower Jr. High, Taylorsville – joined arms to take a stand against tobacco use.

The other eleven entrants included:

Bear River Health Department:

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• North Cache 8-9 Center, Richmond – Keep it Green anti-tobacco day

Central Utah Public Health Department:

• CBA Center, Delta – "Smoking is expensive."
• Juab Jr. High, Nephi – Anti-tobacco poster contest, skit, and paper dolls representing the 1,200 people who die every day from tobacco use, letters to tobacco companies and spook alley.
• Millard High, Fillmore – "Give Chew the Boot."
• South Sevier Middle School, Monroe – get a "Natural High" without tobacco activities.

Salt Lake Valley Health Department:

• Leadership and Resiliency, Salt Lake County Housing Authority, Salt Lake City – anti-tobacco advertisement.
• Leadership and Resiliency, Salt Lake County Housing Authority, Salt Lake City – community interviews.
• Kennedy Jr. High, West Valley City – student parades.

Southeastern Utah Health Department:

• Emery High School, Castle Dale – anti-tobacco video.

Weber/Morgan Health Department:

• Snowcrest Jr., Eden – "There's nothing glamorous about tobacco" activities.
• South Ogden Jr., South Ogden – Anti-tobacco lip sync concert.
Nationally, every day more than 1,500 people under the age of 18 become regular smokers. About one-third of them will eventually die from a tobacco-related disease. More than 230,000 Utahns continue to use tobacco and more than 1,100 die annually as a result of their own smoking.



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