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Free Nicotine Patches Now Available For Massachusetts Residents

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The Massachusetts Department of Public Health (DPH) today announced a nicotine patch giveaway for people in recovery from alcohol or other drugs who want to quit smoking.

People in recovery who call the state’s Quitline at 1-800-Try-to-STOP will receive a free four-week supply of nicotine patches valued at $100 retail, along with informational resources on the benefits of quitting smoking and tips on how to stop. Program participants are also eligible for free telephone support to help them quit. The patch giveaway program will run through December 31.

“People overcome great obstacles when they put down alcohol and other drugs,” said DPH Commissioner John Auerbach, “but if they continue to smoke, they face a huge risk of dying from tobacco.” More than 300 people heard Auerbach speak at a State House rally in honor of Recovery Day, an annual event sponsored by MOAR (Mass Organization for Addiction Recovery).

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“Though smoking rates have fallen in Massachusetts to a low of 16.4%, smoking rates among people entering substance abuse treatment top 75%” Auerbach said. He added that the smoking rate for individuals who have ever attended Alcoholics Anonymous, Narcotics Anonymous, or received treatment for drug or alcohol use is 47.6%*. As many as 60% of professional and support staff working in substance abuse treatment services are smokers. Support staffs are also eligible for this free patch promotion.

Tobacco-related diseases are the leading cause of death among people who have undergone treatment for alcohol and/or other drug addictions, and remain the #1 preventable cause of death and illness in Massachusetts and in the US.HH

Commissioner Auerbach also spoke of both Bill Wilson and Doctor Bob, co-founders of Alcoholics Anonymous. “Both Bill W. and Dr. Bob helped so many people to recover from alcohol and drugs,” he said, “but they both died from smoking — Bill W. from emphysema, and Dr. Bob from lung cancer.

“We’ve learned a lot about smoking that we didn’t know in Bill W.’s time,” Mr. Auerbach said. “We know how dangerous and how addictive smoking is. But we also know that those who get support and use medications like the patch are more than twice as likely to be able to quit for good as those who try to quit on their own.”

Health officials announced last week that a recent statewide patch giveaway program conducted during July and August was very successful and resulted in nearly 10,000 residents receiving free patches.



I wish Nicotine Patches are freely available to people worldwide. That would make it easier for most people to quit smoking. Especially in developing countries where smoking in public is still OK and most people don't even believe that smoking is dangerous.
I really need free nicotine patches because I spent 6 days in the hospital , I have COPD for many years, and have a pneumonia and broncial infection also I get a lot of yeast infections in my lungs. I am really sick of all of this. Please help me to stay quit, I hane not smoked for 2 weeks and the e cigerette is just as bad as the real thing. Please Help quickly/ Thank you Beatrice
Beatrice - Call 1-800-Quit Now. Also, if you have insurance, check and see if there are programs. Many insurance companies have nurses and wellness coaches or other that can also help you. You are doing great not to smoke for 2 weeks. Keep up the good work. Drink fluids (unless you are restricted for medical reasons), eat a lot of veggies and fruits. And keep saying when you get an urge "the urge will pass" - and it really will!
i know i can quit if i had free patches,i do really well but run out of patches and opt to buy smokes over more patches.ive have smoked since 1973.i need help!! i quit many times each year,always go back because i need patches.
I need help in getting patches.