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Cosmetic Salons With Current Licensure Increase Public Protection

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The Iowa Board of Cosmetology Arts and Sciences issues thousands of licenses to cosmetology and nail salons. All cosmetology and nail salon owners must post their license and renewal card in plain sight for you to see.

Cosmetologists and nail technicians must carry a wallet card in addition to posting their professional license certificate in their primary work area.

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It's important for customers to check the expiration dates on the posted renewal cards when they visit a salon, because a current license means the owner and employees have up-to-date information about sanitation and Iowa law.

If you do not see current licenses posted on the wall, remind the salon manager and employees to obtain their licenses right away to avoid disciplinary action and fines. This is particularly important this year, as almost one-third of Iowa's salons failed to renew their licenses for 2009.

You can protect yourself in other ways, too. Make sure the business is clean and instruments are sanitized between customers. Watch for frequent hand washing, good ventilation for the release of fumes, clean towels at your workstation, and instruments soaking in disinfectant. If you do not find these safety measures, leave the salon and tell the owner why.