HIV/AIDS Among Florida's Men Reaches Critical Levels

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The Florida Department of Health released a report, "Man Up: The Crisis of HIV/AIDS among Florida's Men."

The report, which seeks to mobilize men to eliminate their risk for acquiring or transmitting the virus, revealed that 1 in every 123 adult men in Florida was living with HIV/AIDS through 2008.


The report quantifies racial/ethnic disparities and ranks the 67 counties in the state accordingly.

Several key findings: 1 in 209 white men, compared to 1 in 44 black men and 1 in 117 Hispanic men, is living with HIV/AIDS; the state-wide rate among black men was 4.8 times that of white men and 2.7 times that of Hispanic men.

Hispanic men were impacted with HIV/AIDS 1.8 times more than white men. The report found that while minority men are more heavily impacted than white men, HIV cases among black men decreased during 1999-2008. Death rates among all racial/ethnic groups have also decreased.

Compared with 2006, HIV/AIDS deaths decreased 11 percent among white men, 16 percent among black men and 15 percent among Hispanic men.

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