EU Resolution To Promote Early HIV Diagnosis

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The European Parliament on Thursday adopted a resolution that calls on the Council of Ministers and the European Commission to formulate an HIV/AIDS strategy promoting early detection of the disease, Xinhua/People's Daily reports. The resolution passed with a vote of 480 to four.

It says that barriers to anonymous HIV testing should be reduced and that authorities from the council and the commission should work together to communicate the benefits of earlier care for people living with HIV/AIDS, according to Xinhua/People's Daily.


The parliament asked for continued HIV/AIDS monitoring and surveillance by the European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control and called for improved estimates of undiagnosed HIV/AIDS cases. The resolution also included a call for member states to initiate efforts to help end discrimination against people living with HIV/AIDS, including current restrictions on their freedom of movement, Xinhua/People's Daily reports. The parliament also asked states to increase available HIV/AIDS education and information on prevention, testing and treatment.

According to Xinhua/People's Daily, 11% of new HIV cases in the European Union occur in people under age 25 (Xinhua/People's Daily, 11/20).

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