Beaumont Cancer Centers Add Kiosks For Information, Access

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Cancer Centers Add Kiosks For Information, Access

The cancer centers at Beaumont Hospital in Royal Oak and Troy will add touch-screen kiosks with information about the disease and related hospital services. The free-standing kiosks - which are at the center's entrances - will also enable the user to make an appointment with a Beaumont doctor on the spot during business hours.

For appointment requests made after-hours, the user's name and contact information will be added to a log, so a Beaumont representative can call him.

The kiosk at Beaumont Hospital, Royal Oak will be on the first floor of the Cancer Center. The kiosk at Beaumont Hospital, Troy will be installed when its Cancer Center opens in the spring.

"If there's one thing I've learned from my patients through the years it's that they crave information," says Frank Vicini, M.D., chief of Oncology Services for Beaumont Hospitals. "This is a well-researched, credible source for that information."

The regularly updated content, which comes from the American Cancer Society, includes information about 40 kinds of cancer in English and Spanish. Recently, 23 short videos that were co-produced with Discovery Health Channel were added to address the needs of visual and audio learners.


The touch-screen kiosks can also take users to the Beaumont hospital Web site where there are links to services including:

* the Comprehensive Breast Care centers
* radiation oncology
* the lung nodule clinic
* cancer genetics
* integrative medicine
* pediatric hematology oncology
* the Cancer Resource centers
* cancer clinical trials
* medical oncology
* support groups.

A separate link allows the user to access a calendar of upcoming Beaumont events.

Funding for the kiosks was provided by the Freeman Wilner Foundation.

The interactive kiosks are known as the Wellness Link. They are a joint venture between the American Cancer Society and St. Andrew Development Inc.

Beaumont Hospitals is committed to strategies that prevent cancer or catch it early when it is most treatable. In addition to care in doctors' offices, Beaumont offers cancer prevention counseling, diagnosis and care at its hospitals in Grosse Pointe, Royal Oak and Troy.

The National Cancer Institute has designated Beaumont Hospitals as a Community Clinical Oncology Program, one of about 50 in the country that connect academic centers with community physicians who enroll patients in medical research. Beaumont, Royal Oak is a Blue Distinction Center for Complex and Rare Cancers, as designated by Blue Cross/Blue Shield. The Michigan Cancer Consortium bestowed a Spirit of Collaboration Award on the Beaumont Cancer Institute's Minority Outreach Program in 2007.



This is completely idiotic. Beaumont lays off employees and instead sets up two kiosks which provide the same information that one could obtain on the Internet. Worse, the kiosks refer the user to the Internet. Did anyone ask why someone would want to use kiosk, in public, for this? I hope that Beaumont does not apply for any more grants from Health & Human Services, because it certainly doesn't know how to use dollars to deliver health care.