Unsafe Kids Products Get Heave-Ho

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Child Safety Middlesex-London is providing an answer to the question of what to do with those old, broken or unsafe children’s products cluttering their homes; bring them to the Product Round-Up at White Oaks Mall this Saturday. The community coalition is calling on parents and caregivers to search the house, check the closets, scan the playrooms, decks and backyards for children’s products that could actually put their kids at risk.


Among the specific items the group hopes to see are car seats, cribs, baby bath seats, helmets, baby walkers, helmets, trampolines, old window blinds and broken or recalled toys.

"Our homes are full of stuff originally designed to help parents raise their children and keep them safe. But, because of condition, age, or changing safety guidelines, some of those products can actually hurt our kids," says Jan Tomlinson, Chair of Child Safety Middlesex-London and a Public Health Nurse with the Middlesex-London Health Unit. "It’s important to carefully examine the equipment and toys our children use to ensure they are in good condition, meet current safety guidelines, and haven’t been recalled. When those items no longer measure up, it’s time to get rid of them."

It’s important that parents and caregivers take a close look at the children’s products they use at home. This is underlined by the fact that nearly half of Canadian parents borrow such items from friends and relatives, while more than a third buy them at garage sales or second hand stores. Many of these products are missing their manuals, safety labels and/or instructions, while some have been damaged or no longer meet the current government safety standards.

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