Canadians Should Stop Using Bambino Reale Cribs

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Health Canada is expanding its advisory for Canadians to stop using cribs branded Bambino Reale with model numbers beginning with 612C. The crib's model number may be seven to eight digits in length, such as 612C XXX or 612C XXXX. The last three or four digits in the model number refer to the product's color. These cribs present the potential for a serious fall-related injury and Health Canada is advising Canadians to stop using them immediately.

These products do not meet the labelling and minimum side height requirement for cribs established by the Cribs and Cradles Regulations under the Hazardous Products Act. These cribs do not provide an adequate barrier to prevent infants and young children from falling or climbing out. Their continued use could result in serious injury following a fall from the crib, such as broken bones, fractures or concussions.


Health Canada has not received any reports of injuries related to these cribs. Nevertheless, Health Canada strongly advises the public to stop using this particular model of Bambino Reale crib. These products should be disassembled and disposed of in such a way that they cannot be used again. Consumers are encouraged to notify Health Canada should they find these non-compliant products for sale.

On February 20, 2009, Health Canada issued an advisory alerting Canadians to stop using all cribs with the model number 612C19CH branded Bambino Reale. Based on new information, this advisory has been expanded to include all Bambino Reale cribs beginning with the model number 612C.

The proposed Canada Consumer Product Safety Act would help keep Canadian families safe by requiring companies to report serious defects and incidents and expanding the Government of Canada's ability to recall unsafe consumer products.