Good Back Care Starts In School

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Physiotherapists from NHS Manchester encourage pupils at Chorlton High School to take better care of their backs.

They will be visiting the school on Wednesday 8 October to raise awareness and understanding of good posture and the potential damage caused by heavy school bags.

Throughout Wednesday 8 October, pupils at Chorlton High School will have their school bags weighed, receive advice on their posture, look at model spines, take part in a competition to design the best 'back friendly' school bag, and a quiz, and ask questions.


The activities will be led by physiotherapist Sharon Scott of the Children and Young Peoples' Physiotherapy Service from NHS Manchester. Sharon and her team have been working alongside schools in Manchester for the last three years to educate them on the damage they could do to their backs by using heavy and badly designed school bags. Their purpose is to prevent the young people from getting back pain at a young age and avoid long-term associated problems.

Sharon said: "Nearly half of all school children suffer back problems at some point during their school life. Even worse, almost 10% of children – more than two children in every class - suffer chronic or recurrent back pain which can affect their school attendance, concentration, participation in sport and leisure activities and their general quality of life.

"Days such as these play an important role in educating the students and giving them the opportunity to take better care of their backs."

Chris Harper, a teacher at Chorlton High, said: "School bags have increased in size over the past few years as pupils' lives these days are so full of activities, both in and after school. If they can learn how to carry these items without injury, it will hold them in good stead for the future. The fact that this information is presented in such an interesting and fun way makes the sessions even more worthwhile."



my children live just under the three mile limit for free transport to school. i am on income support so the children sometimes walk to school and keep the bus fare. i think this would be great only for the weight of the schoolbags. include gym bags and home econimics containers, this is not healthy. i wanted to buy backcare schoolbags for the three of them as there is artritis in my family. the only ones i can find are over £50 each. are their any cheaper ones available? yes i agree with everybody whos thinking,"get a job," i am lucky enough to be an undergraduate at this time as i have had to retrain due to back problems ruling out many jobs. so in the future £150 may not be a problem for now i may start saving.