New Hampshire Childhood Vaccination Rated Second Highest

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The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has ranked New Hampshire’s Immunization Program (NHIP) as the second highest in the nation for children’s immunization rates. According to the CDC nearly 91% of children in New Hampshire are up-to-date on the recommended vaccinations for children 19 months to 35 months of age.

“High immunization levels are our best defense against vaccine-preventable diseases,” stated Department of Health and Human Services Commissioner Nicholas Toumpas. “Everyone who is a part of this effort can feel proud that we have reached our goal of 90% set by Healthy New Hampshire 2010. I am confident we will continue to maintain this level of effort in the future.”


The success of New Hampshire’s Immunization Program is due in part to the collaborative work between NHIP staff and the healthcare providers who administer the vaccines. Another important factor is the availability of vaccine supplied through the NHIP to all children in the State at no cost. New Hampshire purchases childhood vaccines with federal and state funds, and with money from the New Hampshire Vaccine Association (NHVA). The NHVA was established in 2002 to allow the health insurance companies in the State to pool their funds so that all children in the state have access to vaccines.

“We are fortunate in this state to have so many partners working toward our immunization goals,” said Director of Public Health Dr. Jose Montero. “However we need to make sure we continue our efforts to ensure our children remain protected against these preventable diseases. We also want to recognize the important role parents have in the success of our program, as they put their trust in the safety of vaccines and the caregivers who administer them.”

The states are rated using data from the National Immunization Survey (NIS). In addition to New Hampshire’s high rating, Connecticut also placed very high ranking fourth in the nation.