Kids Need Healthy Foods To Grow, Prosper

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Department of Health Services officials encourage parents to help their children begin the school year on the right foot by making sure they have nutritious meals. For income-eligible families, the FoodShare program can provide access to nutritious foods.


"Success in school depends heavily on healthy eating, being active and getting enough sleep," said Secretary Karen Timberlake. "Many families are worried about the rising costs of food. For income-eligible families, FoodShare is available to ensure children have the nourishment they need to excel in school."

FoodShare Wisconsin helps people who have limited money add to their purchasing power when shopping for the food they need for good health. FoodShare benefit amounts are based on the number of people in a home and their total monthly net income. To see if you might qualify or to apply for FoodShare visit . Families and individuals can also apply by mail or at their local county or tribal agency.

Children in families that qualify for FoodShare or receive Wisconsin Works (W-2) benefits may also be eligible for free meals or free milk.


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