Spring: Good Time To Schedule Water Well Checkup

Ruzanna Harutyunyan's picture

Just as periodic checks of smoke alarms and furnaces are recommended, so is an annual water well checkup. Spring is an excellent time to have this done, before peak water-use season begins.

Clark County Public Health is encouraging yearly water testing and well maintenance in observance of national Ground Water Awareness Week from March 9 to 14. Here are several reasons why:

* Wells should be checked and tested every year for the presence of certain contaminants, such as coliform bacteria, nitrates and arsenic.


* Preventive maintenance usually is less costly than emergency maintenance.

* Good well maintenance, like good car maintenance, can prolong the life of your well and related equipment.

* Maintaining your well helps to protect groundwater.

"Nearly 98 percent of Clark County receives its drinking water from wells," said Tom Gonzales, resource protection program manager. "Maintaining your well not only protects your property, it protects our groundwater, which is a vital local and national resource." More than 90 percent of the fresh water in the United States and around the world is ground water.