Northern Ireland Releases Fireworks Injuries Statistics

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The Department of Health, Social Services and Public Safety today published its statistics relating to the injuries caused by fireworks during the Halloween period (17 October-14 November) in 2008.

The information release provides a statistical examination of the people reporting to the Accident & Emergency Departments, as a result of an injury caused by a firework.

Key Points – Halloween period 2008

The key findings presented in the statistics release are listed below:

* 32 persons were injured over the Halloween period (17 October-14 November 2008), a decrease of (67%) from the 2007 figure.


* 47% of persons injured over the Halloween period attended an Accident and Emergency Department or Minor Injuries Unit between 31 October and 6 November 2008.

* 81% of those injured were male.

* 66% of those injured were aged under 18.

* There were no fatalities.

* The most common sites of injury were to the wrist or hand (53% of all injuries) and the eye (22%).

* 34% required no further treatment, 19% were referred to Outpatients, 16% were referred to GP and 16% were asked to revisit A&E.