Make Holiday Parties Safe: Don’t Drink And Drive

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If you’re hosting a party this holiday season, take steps to keep your friends safe and make sure no one from your party drinks and drives.

“Many people go to parties where alcohol is readily available,” said Scot Adams, Ph.D., director of the Division of Behavioral Health in the Department of Health and Human Services. “Driving after drinking alcohol or using illicit drugs is a serious concern. Even one drink can slow reflexes.”

Impaired driving will affect one in three Americans during their lifetimes, according to the Centers for Disease Prevention and Control (CDC).

These tips can help you and your friends stay safe:


Plan ahead. Before the celebration begins, designate a non-drinking driver to get people home safely.

Be a helpful host. Always offer alcohol-free beverages. Provide food, which slows absorption of alcohol. Make sure your guests leave with a sober driver. Call a cab for a guest if necessary.

Don’t get in the car with an impaired driver.

Take the keys. Don’t let a friend drive if they are impaired.

December is designated as National Drunk and Drugged Driving Prevention Month to raise awareness of the risks associated with driving after drinking or using drugs.