Free Resource For A Happier Holiday

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Holiday stress is rampant every year, but now with a recession and over half a million Americans recently out of work, people need extra care this holiday season. Uncommon and practical advice can be found in a new free article and guide from the world leaders in emotional intelligence development.

Holidays are always fraught with tension. This year, with the country in recession, families have a heightened challenge if they are to maintain holiday cheer. While they won't change the economy, a few simple emotional intelligence tips can help people create the peace they need this holiday season.

Six Seconds is a global nonprofit organization helping to create a positive future by teaching emotional intelligence. The network works with families, schools, and government agencies as well as leading companies such as Microsoft, FedEx, Lockheed Martin and Shell. With offices in seven countries, Six Seconds is the world leading authority developing emotional intelligence.

The organization's Chief Operating Officer and author Joshua Freedman explains the key point of this guide: "The usual approach to difficult emotions is to put them aside. But we know emotions are valuable, they're here for a reason. So rather than pushing feelings away, we encourage people to use their feelings in a way that helps them get better results."


Some of the tips in the guide include:

-- Take it slow, focus on one change and get that right.

-- Remember that people are quirky, irrational, and erratic... so when you are too, that's part of being human.

-- Create a family ritual of a quiet moment lighting candles together.

-- Practice small acts of generosity: Holding a door for someone, saying a sincere thank you.

-- Do something actively different: Knead bread, organize a closet, build with Legos.