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Boston Residents Urged To Protect Against Window Falls

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The Boston Public Health Commission is reminding the public to take certain steps to prevent falls from windows. A nine-month old boy died on Thursday after falling from a fourth-floor window in Roxbury. The tragedy is the first death from a window fall in Boston since 2000. This is the third child to fall from a window this year.

Window falls are the leading cause of injury to children age five and under. The Commission's Kids Can't Fly Campaign educates communities about window falls prevention and promotes the use of child safety window guards. Among its services, staffers provide home window inspections and work with landlords and families to ensure their windows are safe.

It only takes a minute for a child to climb onto furniture located next to an open window. It is important to take the following steps to protect your family from window falls.

1. Keep a close watch on children;

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2. Lock all unopened doors and windows;

3. Move chairs, cribs, beds, and anything a child can climb away from windows;

4. Open windows from the top if possible;

5. Install window safety guards.

Many local hardware and home improvement stores carry window guards.