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Hong Kong Investigates Acute Gastroenteritis Outbreak At School

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The Centre for Health Protection of the Hong Kong Department of Health reminded members of the public and management of institutions to maintain strict personal and environmental hygiene to prevent gastroenteritis.

The appeal was made following CHP's investigation of an acute gastroenteritis outbreak affecting 21 students of a secondary school in Sha Tin.

The affected, comprising 11 boys and 10 girls aged between 16 and 18 years, developed symptoms of gastroenteritis, including diarrhoea and vomiting, since March 11.

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One of the affected consulted a private doctor. No hospitalisation was required. All of them are in stable condition.

Officers of the CHP have visited the school and provided health instructions to the staff concerning proper disinfection, proper disposal of vomitus and stools, as well as personal and food hygiene.

CHP will closely monitor the school for further cases and provide health advice when necessary.

To prevent contracting gastroenteritis, members of the public are advised to-

* Ensure proper personal hygiene;
* Wash hands thoroughly before eating or preparing food and after using toilet or handling vomitus or faecal matter;
* Avoid food that is not thoroughly cooked.