Discovery Bay Pool Tested Legionnaires' Disease Positive

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A spokesman for the Centre for Health Protection of the Hong Kong Department of Health said that further laboratory tests on water samples taken from a spa pool in a private club house in Discovery Bay confirmed positive growth for Legionella, a type of bacteria that caused legionnaires disease (LD).

CHP's investigations revealed that a 38-year-old man had developed symptoms of LD after using the spa pool in the club house last month. He is now under treatment in a private hospital and is in stable condition.

As Legionella survives and multiplies in natural fresh water, the spokesman called on operators and owners of man-made water systems to keep the facilities in good condition and to carry out thorough disinfection and cleansing on regular basis.

These man-made water systems include cooling towers, air handling unit / fan coil unit of the air-conditioning systems, air washers, humidifiers, hot / cold water systems, architectural fountains, spa pools, swimming pools and misting devices.


Meanwhile, the hotline 2125 1122 set up by the CHP to provide health information on LD have received 66 enquiries, 40 of which are from people who had visited the facilities of the clubhouse.None of the callers have symptoms of Legionnaires' Disease. The hotline is operating from 9am to 5pm.

To prevent the disease, people are reminded to observe the following:

An individual may reduce their susceptibility to the disease by avoiding smoking and excessive drinking, and maintaining good health.

People handling garden soils, composts and potting mixes should take the following precautions:

- Gently water gardens and composts using low pressure.
- Open composted potting mixes slowly and make sure the opening is directed away from the face.
- Wet the soil to reduce dust when potting plants.
- Prevent working in poorly ventilated places such as enclosed greenhouses and
- Wash hands carefully afterwards.