Hong Kong DoH Confirms Dengue Fever Case

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The Centre for Health Protection (CHP) of the Hong Kong Department of Health urged people to guard against dengue fever following the confirmation of a case by laboratory test.

The case involved a 14-year-old girl who arrived at Hong Kong on October 12. She developed fever, headache and muscle pain on October 5 when she was in Shanghai and had sought medical treatment there. She was admitted to a private hospital upon arrival in Hong Kong and is now in stable condition.

CHP's investigations revealed that she had travelled to Thailand between September 26 and October 5. Then she went to Shanghai. Her home contacts and travel collaterals were asymptomatic.

A total of 35 cases of dengue fever have been reported to the CHP so far this year. 58 cases were reported in 2007 and all of them were classified as imported cases.

A spokesman for CHP urged the public to stay alert to the threat of dengue fever and to help prevent mosquito breeding by taking the following measures:

* Put all used cans and bottles into dustbins with covers;


* Change water for plants at least once a week, leaving no water in the saucers underneath flower pots;

* Tightly cover all water containers, wells and water storage tanks, and

* Keep all drains free from blockage.

Travellers should take the following preventive measures:

* Wear long-sleeved tops and trousers;

* Use insect repellent on the exposed parts of the body, and

* Use mosquito screens or nets when rooms are not air-conditioned.

Anyone feeling unwell after returning from their trip should consult a doctor as soon as possible and provide details of their travel to the doctor.