England: MRSA Bloodstream Infections Falling

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The Health Protection Agency has today published its latest quarterly report on MRSA (meticillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus) bloodstream infections.


The latest figures from the Agency's mandatory surveillance of MRSA bloodstream infections show that there were 836 cases reported in England during the April to June quarter of 2008. This represents a 14% decrease on the previous quarter (January to March 2008) when 969 reports were received and a 36% reduction in the corresponding quarter of 2007 (April to June) when 1,306 reports were received.

Professor Peter Borriello, Director of the Agency's Centre for Infections, said: "The reduction of health care associated infections is a big challenge throughout the world and the falls we are seeing in cases of MRSA bloodstream infections demonstrate the huge efforts being made by NHS staff to tackle these infections.

"The next challenge for the NHS will be to ensure that the downward trend continues and that we move to a position of zero tolerance. Of course, not all cases are preventable but if the fight against healthcare associated infections is to be won, it is vital that the measures which have achieved this significant success remain in place and that both the public and healthcare workers recognise the importance of these measures."

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