License Of Staten Island Internist Revoked

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The New York State Board for Professional Medical Conduct has revoked the license of a Staten Island internist, prohibiting him from practicing medicine in New York State. The Board also assessed a fine of $50,000.

The State Board determined that Dr. Yury Patin, 54, billed insurance companies for unnecessary and excessive medical tests for seven patients. He also billed for services that were never rendered to the patients.


In the decision, the Board found Dr. Patin guilty of negligence on more than one occasion, incompetence on more than one occasion, fraudulent practice, filing false reports, ordering unwarranted tests and/or treatment, practicing the profession with moral unfitness, and failure to maintain records.

The license revocation decision followed a six-day hearing before a hearing committee of the Board for Professional Medical Conduct, comprised of two physicians and a lay person. During the course of the hearing, Dr. Patin and the State had the opportunity to offer evidence and present witnesses.

In its determination and order, the hearing committee noted that Dr. Patin's "numerous acts of fraud, pattern of unwarranted testing, and billing greed leads us to conclude that no penalty, other than revocation, would change his behavior and provide adequate protection to the people of the State of New York."

The Office of Professional Medical Conduct in the New York State Department of Health is responsible for investigating complaints about physicians, physician assistants, and specialist assistants. The Board for Professional Medical Conduct, comprised of some 200 physicians and lay members, is responsible for adjudicating charges of misconduct.