Northern Ireland Accepts Pay Recommendations For Doctors, Dentists

Ruzanna Harutyunyan's picture

Health Minister Michael McGimpsey announced that he had accepted in full the pay recommendations of the Doctors and Dentists Pay Review Body for 2009-2010.

The 2009/10 recommendations include:

* a 1.5% increase for all salaried doctors and dentists; this includes consultants, junior doctors and dentists in training; specialty doctor and associate specialists, and salaried (community) dentists;

* a 1.5% increase in the value of Clinical Excellence Awards, distinction awards and discretionary points.


* a gross uplift of 2.29% for GPs (which the Review Body intends to be equivalent to a 1.5% net increase);

* a gross uplift of 0.21% for general dental practitioners (again equivalent to 1.5% net).

The Minister said: “I am satisfied that this is a good deal, both for the staff affected and for patients and taxpayers. The increases are fair, but realistic in today’s economic climate.

“There has been, and continues to be, significant investment in our medical workforce in recent years, which has improved recruitment and retention. This has had a direct impact on the front line services provided.”

“I want to continue to improve services for our patients and clients, and my Department will continue to work with the British Medical Association to focus resources on local priorities.”