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England: National Patient Choice Survey

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Report on the National Patient Choice Survey, September 2008, England reveals the main findings of patient survey:

* The percentage of patients recalling being offered a choice of hospital for their first outpatient appointment was 46% in September 2008, the same as in July, compared with 30% in the first survey (May/June 2006).

* 48% of patients were aware before they visited their GP that they had a choice of hospitals for their first appointment, up from 47% in July and 29% in the May/June 2006 survey.

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* 61% of patients who were aware of choice recalled being offered choice, whereas 33% of those not aware of choice recalled being offered it, similar to the July survey (61% and 34% respectively).

* 67% of patients were able to go to the hospital they wanted, with a further 23% having no preference and 8% unable to go where they wanted, compared with 66%, 23% and 8% respectively in July.

* 89% of patients offered choice were able to go to the hospital they wanted, with a further 4% having no preference. This compares with 47% of patients not offered choice able to go where they wanted and 40% having no preference.

* 77% of patients were satisfied with how long they had to wait from the time their GP referred them to when they saw the hospital specialist.

* Hospital cleanliness and low infection rates were selected most often (by 74% of patients) as an important factor when choosing a hospital.