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January Is National Recovery Resolution Month

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Subtle Reminders has declared that January is National Recovery Resolution Month, it was announced today.

January, a month in which many people take a look at themselves, has been deemed National Recovery Resolution Month by a Subtle Reminders, a recovery based company.

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"Many people make some kind of New Years Resolution," said James Perkins, President of Subtle Reminders. "We think about where we are going. Some join a gym; others decide to work on personal relationships. And some people begin to wonder if they have been doing too much of a good thing."

"After the holiday season, it is not uncommon for people to take a look at their substance use, and wonder if it is turning into a problem," Perkins continued. "No one can decide for you, but you should not turn a deaf ear to your inner warnings. Any concern is worth a little research."

"Subtle Reminders wants to help people find unbiased self-help information and see the many sides of the recovery world through art. Our products depict many of the situations people encounter on the recovery path. During January, we make a special effort to offer links to unbiased information sources about recovery choices."

Perkins noted that any resolution is difficult to maintain, especially one as difficult as a choice to join a twelve-step program. Everything at Subtle Reminders -- from wallet cards, t-shirts, to print art -- has been created to support this decision.