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Sports And Injury Epidemic

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Dr. Zernicke’s keynote address, Play at Your Own Risk: Sport and the Injury Epidemic, will cover the importance of injury prevention, the epidemic of injuries (more than 4.3 million nonfatal sports- and recreation-related injuries treated in U.S. hospitals each year), what can be done to enhance quality of life and functional mobility for athletes and the public across the lifespan and current injury prevention research at U-M.

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Dr. Ron Zernicke, director of the University of Michigan Bone & Joint Injury Prevention & Rehabilitation Center will present one of the keynote addresses during the 2009 NCAA Scholarly Colloquium on January 13, 2009.

Each year, more than 30 million U.S. children and adolescents participate in organized sports. But also each year, more than 4.3 million nonfatal sports- and recreation-related injuries are treated in U.S. hospital emergency departments. Injury can pervade everyday life for everyone with the annual cost of injury in the United States is almost $600 billion and up to four of every 10 admissions to hospital emergency rooms or hospital clinics are for treatment of injury.

It is very important to participate in physical activity and sport for health, but it is even more important to prevent injury and incorporate the appropriate treatments and rehabilitation programs to achieve optimal health. Research and prevention programs on injury prevention to lessen musculoskeletal injuries and their related costs—physical, emotional and monetary—is critical because musculoskeletal disabilities are predicted to increase dramatically over the next 20 years.