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Prevention Plan: Perfect Gift For New Year

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At a time when growing numbers of Americans want to improve their health, here is a perfect New Year's gift of real and lasting value -- a subscription to The Prevention Plan, a new online wellness and health management tool.

Developed by U.S. Preventive Medicine, the leader in disease prevention, The Prevention Plan is the first-of-its kind health program solely focused on preventive care. The program enables individuals to determine their top health risks and receive a customized plan and ongoing personal attention to lower those risks and become healthier.

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With this tool, individuals prioritize their health risks through a comprehensive health evaluation that includes a health risk questionnaire, blood tests, biometrics, and physician review and recommendations. At the heart of the intervention strategy is a nurse advocate who works closely with participants by telephone and online to boost the effectiveness of the program's hands-on action plans. The advocate also educates, motivates, and helps participants navigate the complex maze of healthcare. Other tools include alerts for preventive screenings, reward programs, and discounts with national partners.

"Even as Americans are reining in spending in response to current economic conditions, record numbers of them are expressing an interest in taking better care of themselves and lowering their ever-rising healthcare costs," said Christopher Fey, Chairman and CEO of U.S. Preventive Medicine. "The Prevention Plan is the perfect tool to help them achieve both of those goals."

U.S. Preventive Medicine designed the program to become a private, secure, online depository for individuals to store their medical information and track their progress over time. Since The Prevention Plan is independent of other forms of insurance, all information is completely confidential.