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Life-Changing Resolutions A Year-Round Endeavor

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As the year draws to a close, plenty of people will take stock of their lives and pledge to do things differently in the coming year, perhaps resolving to improve their marriages, quit smoking or lose weight.

In too many cases, those resolutions soon will end up on the junk heap of personal improvement, victims of little planning and poor execution. And the people making them will go right back to doing things the way they always did.

"If you're only thinking about making changes in your life in December, my question is, what are you doing the other months of the year?" says Mike McCurley, co-founder of Personal Enhancement Coaching, a company dedicated to helping people make improvements in their work, lifestyle, marriage and more. "It truly needs to be something that you're doing throughout the year."

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McCurley has some advice for people who are interested in improving their lives, including the following:

-- Wait until after the holidays -- and then commit to doing it long-term. It's too easy to get caught up in the holiday spirit and decide, along with everyone else, that you're going to make an important change. The change you want or need to make still will be necessary in January, minus all of the holiday parties, errands and high stress level.

-- Don't try to do too much too quickly -- because doing so is a prescription for failure. Instead of changing everything, sit down and make a list of priorities. If your job or marriage is the thing that needs the most work, concentrate on that first. Often, people find that improving in one area has a spill-over effect on the others.

-- Get a coach, mentor or loved one to help -- and make certain you interact with that person on a regular basis. Changing your life is too important a task to engage in on your own. Seek out people whom you trust and who have made positive changes in their own lives.

Mike McCurley provides personal, executive, drug and alcohol, and marital enhancement coaching to clients looking to improve their lives through a rigorous process of self-examination, goal-setting, and accountability. He is a Certified Professional Coach, having completed training at the College of Executive Coaching, an International Coaching Federation-accredited institution. He is a highly sought-after lecturer and has authored a number of papers and publications, including "Low-End and High-End Use of Witness Trainers, Consultants, and Life-Coaches," for the 2005 State Bar of Texas Advanced Family Law Course, and "Divorce: Prevention, Survival & Recovery," at Canyon Ranch, the renowned wellness resort and spa in Tucson, Arizona.