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Economy Falls - Weight Rises

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What does overeating have to do with the economic crisis? Clinical Psychologist and Emotional Eating Expert, Dr. Denise Lamothe says a lot.

As our economy declines, we become more anxious. As our stress increases, our bodies flood with the hormone cortisol and our appetites rage. As we continue to worry, we may have trouble sleeping which exacerbates the problem. Two more hormones become involved. We excrete excess ghrelin (which increases hunger) and produce less leptin (which signals satiation).

"So when stressed," says Dr. Lamothe, "appetites increase and so does weight."

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We are all touched by this crisis and may seek food for comfort. If you have been over-indulging lately, you are not alone. "It's a natural reaction," says Dr. Lamothe who authored the book The Taming of the Chew. "We learn early on that sugars and carbohydrates comfort us."

They act like friends urging us to anesthetize feelings with pastries or chocolate. At first, they help us to cope with our feelings. However, when the effects wear off, our bodies demand MORE "treats" to continue keeping feelings at bay.

Dr. Lamothe recommends you do all you can to take care of yourself during tough times. "You need healthy foods, plenty of water, exercise, rest, relaxation and fun," she says.

One strategy she suggests as an emotional support aid to her clients is the Bach Emotional Eating Support Kit. This kit contains three Bach Original Flower Remedies that can help you manage your eating behavior -- Cherry Plum keeps you in control, Crab Apple improves body image and Chestnut Bud helps you stop sabotaging yourself again and again as your stress levels rise and your waistline continues to expand.

"The Bach Emotional Eating Support Kit helps you choose healthier options during times of emotional distress," says Dr. Lamothe. These all-natural remedies, derived from flowering plants and trees, are safe, effective and can be used without the worry of side effects. The Bach Original Flower Remedies providea calming positive aid to balancing emotions and restoring energy. Just take 2 drops of each remedy straight from the bottle or diluted into any beverage. The Bach Emotional Eating Support Kit is currently available from Whole Foods Market for $23.95.