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How Being Fit Can Mean The Difference Between Life, Death

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Discovery Health redefines what it means to be fit with COULD YOU SURVIVE?, a new series that asks the average American one crucial question: Do you have the strength, endurance and agility to survive in an emergency situation? Individuals often assume that adrenaline will carry them through a crisis, but how can someone escape a natural disaster, flee a burning building or carry a loved one to safety when they are too out of shape to climb a flight of stairs?

Premiering Thursday, December 4, at 9 PM ET/PT on Discovery Health, COULD YOU SURVIVE? is a wake-up call to millions of unfit Americans who unwittingly put themselves in harm's way. Guided by health and fitness expert Dr. Pamela Peeke and a team of Marine trainers, the four-part series uses rigorous physical challenges and a tough-love approach to show that one's fitness level can mean the difference between life and death. In each one-hour episode, average people are tested against a simulated life-threatening situation to ascertain their ability to stay alive or rescue a family member under extreme circumstances.

COULD YOU SURVIVE? scenarios include:

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-- A race to save a loved one injured in a car accident
-- An escape from a raging wildfire
-- A rescue mission to save a family member from a freak boating accident
-- An attempt to flee a crumbling building devastated by an earthquake

Pushed to the limit, participants are forced to rely on their strength, stamina and mental fortitude in order to survive. But one by one, the obstacles prove too difficult for their out-of-shape bodies. Newly inspired, they commit to transforming their lifestyles, all in an effort to retake the challenge and reclaim their lives.

With the help of Dr. Peeke and her team, the participants undergo an intense month-long training program designed to give them the physical and emotional tools they need to survive in a crisis. Dr. Peeke works to reshape their nutrition habits while the Marine trainers condition their bodies. After several weeks, the participants return to the COULD YOU SURVIVE? disaster site to face the challenge again ... hopefully this time, with a different outcome.

COULD YOU SURVIVE? premieres Thursday, December 4, at 9 PM ET/PT on Discovery Health and airs in the same time slot Thursdays in December with a two-hour finale on December 18.

COULD YOU SURVIVE? is produced for Discovery Health by LMNO Productions. Lisa Bourgoujian is executive producer. For Discovery Health, Alon Orstein is executive producer.