Have Your Say On Unscheduled Care

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The Wales Audit Office is calling on members of the public to share their experiences of unscheduled health and social care as part of a new study into the NHS.

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Unscheduled care is a term used to describe any unplanned health or social care - ranging from emergency hospital treatment, to patients who need help to care for themselves at home. Examples include phoning 999 during an emergency, or calling the NHS Wales Direct helpline before booking an appointment with your GP.

The current unscheduled care system is complex, and can be confusing. Members of the public may go to one particular service when it would have been better for them to have gone somewhere else. The Wales Audit Office study will look in detail at the NHS Direct Service, Out of Hours Services, and the handover targets within A&E departments, to see where improvements can be made, and where bottle necks and problems are occurring.

The study team are interested in hearing people's views and experiences of Unscheduled Care from across Wales, as well as ideas on how the current system could be improved. For obvious reasons, the team will not be able to investigate or offer advice on, people's individual cases.