HIFU Treats Recurrent Prostate Cancer

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UCLA urologists have opened enrollment for the West Coast site of a national study using high-intensity focused ultrasound (HIFU) to treat prostate cancer, recurrent following X-ray therapy.

The investigational non-invasive HIFU treatment is being offered at UCLA on an out-patient basis. There is no placebo arm in the study and all study-related costs are borne by the sponsor USHIFU.


"Many patients who receive radiation (X-ray) therapy for prostate cancer suffer recurrent disease," said Dr. Leonard Marks, principal investigator and professor of urology, David Geffen School of Medicine at UCLA. "This new treatment may offer an effective non-invasive option to eradicate recurrent cancer."

HIFU is an exacting technique aiming sound waves at the prostate tissue, rapidly increasing tissue temperature, which destroys the cancerous lesions. To qualify for the clinical trial, participants must have recurrent prostate cancer after treatment with external beam radiation therapy. Initial screening visits will involve physical exams, blood tests and an ultrasound of the prostate.

Qualifying participants will receive the outpatient HIFU procedure under anesthesia and follow-up for a year after treatment. All study-related costs, including the HIFU treatment, will be covered by the research study.

Common procedural side effects include temporary pain in the area where the HIFU was performed, inability or difficulty with urination, and blood in the urine or semen.



HIFU sounds like an exiting technology, especially for someone my age (43 yrs). I understand it destroys the cancerous legions, but what about healthy cells and tissue?