Greenlight Laser Transforms Prostate Surgery

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The acquisition of a Greenlight laser for St. Paul's Hospital provides prostate surgery patients with a safer procedural option and elimination of post-surgery hospital stay.

St. Paul's will soon be home to the Les and Irene Dube Urology Centre of Health – benefiting all Saskatchewan residents. St. Paul's Hospital Foundation reached out to the community in a Christmas campaign to help purchase the Greenlight laser – a perfect equipment addition for the Urology Centre. "The Greenlight laser is an example of the state of the art equipment the new centre will provide, along with renovated facilities and advanced treatment options – all improving services at St. Paul's for the community." says Todd Rosenberg, Board Chair of St. Paul's Hospital.


Greenlight laser surgery for prostate blockage virtually eliminates bleeding and also avoids a serious chemical imbalance that sometimes occurs with other procedures. In addition to making the surgery safer, recovery times are quicker and smoother. About 80% of men requiring prostate surgery could benefit from the laser, and many can have the surgery as outpatients.

Over $100,000 was generously donated through the Christmas campaign, helping to purchase the desired laser. "As a urologist, I am excited about providing Greenlight laser surgery for my patients. It's not just a different way to perform prostate surgery – Greenlight transforms the way I can perform the surgery. I look forward to making this common operation safer, less painful and more convenient for the men I serve." exclaims Dr. Kishore Visvanathan, Head of Urology for St. Paul's Hospital, "The support of the community has allowed us to move forward with the acquisition - with the first patients booked for this week."

"The green light laser is a substantial addition to the Urology Centre of Health. It will go a long way toward assisting the Saskatoon Health Region in achieving its first strategic objective of transforming the care and service experience," said Dr. Alan Casson, Head, Department of Surgery, Saskatoon Health Region.

The Saskatoon Health Region announced that as of February 2, 2009, Inpatient Urology services will consolidate at St. Paul's Hospital.