Free Caregiver Toolkit For Families

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Sunrise Senior Living (NYSE: SRZ) communities offer a variety of resources and services to adult children needing information about caring for an aging loved one. For a limited time, many Sunrise communities are offering a special Caregiver Toolkit to visitors inquiring about Sunrise services, and a web page has been set-up at enabling viewers to download it.

The toolkit addresses the needs of families who are becoming more spread out across the country. Often during the holiday season when adult children return home, they notice changes in their senior parents. These changes may be natural signs of aging or something more significant.


Sunrise has been addressing these concerns with families since 1981. Some of the changes that may indicate an aging parent needs some assistance include:

-- Difficulty performing familiar tasks
-- Depression or disinterest in previously enjoyed activities
-- Unusual forgetfulness
-- Skipping medications
-- Changes in hygiene
-- Piles of unread mail
-- Dinged-up car
-- Falls
-- Other very unusual actions

Advice and information in the toolkit shares stories about these issues and also addresses the senior parent -- adult child relationship focusing on:

-- Understanding an aging parent's stage of life
-- Controlling negative emotions
-- How to reminisce with loved ones
-- Spending quality time with your parents