Ottawa Helps Seniors, People With Disabilities With Snow Removal

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The City of Ottawa announced its Snow Go and Snow Go Assist programs to help seniors and people with disabilities secure reliable and affordable services for clearing snow and ice from private driveways and walkways this winter.

The Snow Go Program matches those in need with reliable snow and ice clearing service providers. The Snow Go Assist Pilot Program offers financial assistance to eligible, low-income seniors and people with disabilities to pay for up to 50 per cent, up to a seasonal maximum of $250 towards snow and ice removal costs. Both programs, now in their second year, are funded by the City of Ottawa and are co-ordinated by the Senior Citizens Council (SCC) in co-operation with 11 community support agencies throughout Ottawa.


“The Snow Go programs provide a critical service to people in need,” said Mayor Larry O’Brien. “The City is proud to partner with the SCC and community support agencies to better serve the needs of our seniors and people with disabilities”.

“In Ottawa, we are committed to providing enhanced services to our growing seniors population and persons with disabilities,” said Councillor Maria McRae, Chair, Transportation Committee. “The Snow Go Program improves the mobility of seniors and persons with disabilities during the winter months by providing them with a referral service where they can access snow removal workers who have been pre-screened for criminal reference checks and costs. Financial assistance is also available through Snow Go Assist Pilot Program.”

The participating community support agencies are: Glebe Centre Inc. (Abbotsford House), Olde Forge Community Resource Centre, Ottawa West Community Support, South East Ottawa Centre for a Healthy Community, the Good Companions Seniors Centre, the Township of Osgoode Home Support Program, Eastern Ottawa Community Resources Centre, Rideau Seniors Centre, Nepean Support Services, Western Ottawa Community Resource Centre, and Jewish Family Services.

“The Senior Citizens Council commends the City of Ottawa for supporting these programs designed to improve winter accessibility for seniors and people with disabilities,” said SCC President Bill Logan. “Working together with the local community support agencies, our dedicated staff and volunteers will be ready to assist seniors and people with disabilities to prepare for the winter season.”



I am a 79 year old woman living alone in my house at XXXX (edited for privacy). I have an artificial hip on one side and arthritis on the other, so shovelling is not for me any more. I was wondering if I could qualify for the SNOW GO PROGRAM? My phone number is XXXXX I(edited) Thank You
Lorica, you would have to call the program directly - we are not that program. Contact the City of Ottawa for more information. Thank you and best to you.