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Alberta Improves Patient Care, Health System Performance

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An advisory committee has been appointed to ensure appropriate legislation is in place to allow for improved health system performance and patient care.

The Minister’s Advisory Committee on Health will look at strengthening legislation to support improvements to Alberta’s publicly funded health care system.

The committee will provide advice on a number of areas related to health legislation that will focus on ways of broadening patient access to health services, promoting wellness and ensuring the health system can respond to emerging issues such as advances in medical technology on a timely basis.

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“The committee will inform and guide government on what legislative changes are needed to improve the performance of our publicly funded health care system,” said Health and Wellness Minister Ron Liepert. “At the end of the day, we need to reinvigorate our health care system to ensure it is responding to and meeting the needs of Albertans.”

“The committee’s work is an important step in the process,” added Liepert. “Much of our legislation defines how our health care system works, but it doesn’t always meet the needs of the patient. As we move toward delivering health care through new and better ways, the needs of the patient must always be our first priority.”

The 16-member committee will be co-chaired by Fred Horne, MLA for Edmonton-Rutherford and Deborah Prowse, a patient safety advocate.

The committee begins work immediately and will seek input from health sector stakeholders and the public over the next two months. The committee will provide advice to the minister by mid-November.