Northern Ireland Minister Calls For More Organ Donors

Ruzanna Harutyunyan's picture

Northern Ireland Health Minister Michael McGimpsey has encouraged the public to register on the Organ Donor Register.

The Minister was speaking following the publication of the UK-wide Organ Donation Taskforce's second report which looked at the measures required to introduce a system of opting out or presumed consent, and whether this would increase the number of organ donors.


Mr McGimpsey said: "I fully support the work of the Organ Donation Taskforce and the UK-wide work which is underway to implement the recommendations of their first report and increase donor numbers.

"While on balance, it is not felt that an opt-out system is the way forward at this time, many other initiatives are underway to increase awareness of the importance of organ donation and to raise the number of donor organs available.

"I strongly urge all Northern Ireland residents who support organ donation to register on the Organ Donor Register and to discuss their wishes with friends and relatives."