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ICEcard Helps Save Lives

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Every year, it's estimated that approximately 100,000 people die due to improper care in an emergency situation. However, a new medical identification card, called "The ICEcard" -- In Case of Emergency -- is now helping save lives one card at a time. When first responders arrive on a scene, they immediately ask a series of questions about the person's medical history and health. Sometimes, however, a person cannot speak, and there isn't always someone else present to provide accurate answers. The ICEcard, which is durable, recognizable and easy to read, provides all the pertinent information.

"The ICEcard has been a hit with first responders, police, doctors and other emergency personnel," says Chris Bennett, president of The ICEcard. "It's such a simple concept, but what makes The ICEcard really effective is that its tab features the universal medical symbol and colors -- red and white -- so it stands apart from other cards in your wallet. It's easy to spot and reader-friendly."

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While The ICEcard is ideal for people with chronic health conditions, such as diabetes or Alzheimer's, it's just as important for the healthy, young and old. For example, in the event of a car accident, The ICEcard gives a range of insight from current medications and medical conditions to known allergies and contact phone numbers to notify family sooner. Whether for a teenager attending college far from home or an elderly parent who lives just down the street, The ICEcard provides peace of mind. The ICEcard speaks for you when you're not able to speak for yourself.

"Accidents happen everyday, and without such a card, how you are treated becomes tricky," Bennett says. "In fact, I thought of The ICEcard while watching some emergency-type TV shows where paramedics were forced to guess about how to proceed. Then a family member of mine with a medical ID card actually had trouble locating it in his wallet. In an emergency, you often don't have the luxury of the time needed to search for a card. The ICEcard is immediately recognizable in a wallet or purse, and that's why it works."

The ICEcard can not only be used to help potentially save someone's life. By getting the word out and making family, friends and co-workers aware of The ICEcard, people can also raise money for a school, charity or organization.