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Patients Endorse Home Oxygen Service

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About 95% of patients in England and Wales are happy with the service they receive from the Home Oxygen Service, the Department of Health announced today.

The first annual National Patient Satisfaction Survey of the Home Oxygen Service, published today, was commissioned jointly by the Department of Health and oxygen suppliers and is an important measure of the quality of care patients receive to show satisfaction with the service.

The Home Oxygen Service supplies oxygen delivered directly to the home of over 90,000 patients in England and Wales who suffer a range of conditions including Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease, lung cancer and supporting the discharge of premature babies. It provides equipment and oxygen as well as education and training and 24/7 support for patients.

The survey results show:,

* 88% of patients believe that their quality of life has improved since receiving the service;

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* 75% of patients say they speak highly about the service; and

* The helpline provided by oxygen suppliers is the greatest factor in driving patient satisfaction

Commenting on the results Health Minister Ben Bradshaw said:

"The Home Oxygen Service plays an important role in improving quality of life for thousands of patients with a wide range of conditions. I am very pleased to see such high levels of patient satisfaction and we will use this data to continue to improve the service patients receive."

The National Patient Satisfaction Survey is the first measure of patient satisfaction since the service was modernised in February 2006. The new integrated service means that all patients' needs are met by one supplier in each area to provide better support at home. It also offers greater access to the latest equipment and expert knowledge of latest oxygen technologies.

Patients who have been receiving the oxygen since before February 2006 also have similar or higher levels of satisfaction than newer patients, reflecting the success of the new service.

The Department of Health will continue to work together with oxygen suppliers to improve satisfaction with regards to the convenience of oxygen deliveries and confidence that oxygen will be delivered on time.